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Construction Services

At Innes Construction we understand that every construction project is unique.  That's why our services are catered to serve the customer.   

Traditional General Construction

Using a Traditional General Construction Contract means that the owner has engaged an architect who has completed a set of design drawings and specifications for the project.  Innes Construction will provide the owner a fixed fee price to do the work.  The price is strictly specific to the requirements of the design.  Innes Construction will construct the project using their own work force for the bulk of the work and sub-contracting specialty tasks as required.

Cost Plus Fixed Fee

In a Cost Plus Fixed Fee contract the owner and the contractor agree to a percentage of margin allowed for the general contractor to charge as a fee on the project.  The costs of the project are transparent between the contractor and the owner.  This option is beneficial to all parties involved, as It gives the owner the assurance that the cost of the project is controlled and not inflated.  The building experience as a whole is often improved because the owner and the general contractor are given options when it comes to selecting subs.  By not selecting a risky low-bid sub-contractor, the risk of a non-performer is greatly reduced and the budget and the schedule reap the benefits.   

Design Build

In the Design Build Contract, Innes Construction works with the owner to select a team of designers and subcontractors who have proven records.  They have displayed a history of quality and timely performance.  This approach allows the subcontractors to offer their input in the form of value engineering to the project.  Bad products and bad processes are eliminated and replaced with tested and true construction practices.